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Since 1984, Lauralee Bowie Ski Adventures and its affiliated companies and partners have focused on providing the ultimate VIP Ski Experience. Ski Adventures is directed by Lauralee Bowie, World Champion Freestyle Skier, 3-time Canadian National Champion, and former member of the Canadian National Ski Team. She is also a 7-year veteran Ski and Boot Equipment Tester for Ski Magazine and Ski Canada Magazine. Lauralee Bowie has been recognized for excellence worldwide for her execution of a distinctive teaching program. Her professional background and passion make Ski Adventures one of the top instructional programs in the world. Lauralee has been sharing her philosophy, helping people of all ages and abilities across five continents – for 2 decades.

The Experience - Imagine the best of everything!

Ski Adventures is rated by Ski Magazine as one of the top 5 ski programs in North America. Other lessons teach you from your current skill level. At Ski Adventures, we start over and go back to the beginning, redefining and relearning the fundamentals and advancing from there.

The Result: We take your skiing to the next level.

Your day starts with a complete review of body mechanics, foot alignment, boot fitting and equipment analysis. We can tell how you ski simply by observing how you walk – so we can improve your technique before you ever set foot on snow.

Specially designed drills and exercises force you to feel and experience the correct body position. Stimulating techniques show you how to react, giving you a better understanding of what you want your body to do when skiing.

A solid foundation lets you achieve your goals. Our professional approach delivers an experience that is unparalleled in the industry, offering a unique teaching style with proven results.

World Class Experience

Head - to - Head Coaching

Ski Adventures' innovative ski improvement program uses individual radio headsets for instant feedback. This one-on-one communication technique provides in-your-head coaching, providing constant contact while you are in motion. Our coaching style encourages you to ski more difficult terrain and challenge you to ski runs you only dreamed of.

• Unique teaching method utilizing individual radio headsets,
• "Head to Head  Coaching”
• Radio Headsets are used to keep coaches in constant contact with each skier.
• Personalized video analysis.
• Challenge yourself to ski more difficult runs while in touch with your coach.


Experience the best… and feel the difference!

World Class Resorts

You are invited to take part in an extraordinary Ski Adventure that will exceed your every expectation. Imagine the best of everything. Experience breathtaking Alpine bowls and endless skiing, superior coaching while surrounded by spectacular mountain views. We can book all your accommodations through affiliated world class hotels or rented, high-end private homes and condo's. Choose your preferred resort, date and time and we will tailor fit the program to fit all your needs. If you are in the market for new equipment, leave your old skis at home and our expert advise can guide you. We want to ensure that your skiing experience exceeds your wildest dreams and fulfills your every expectation!

Daily Schedule


• Welcome and Introduction
• Equipment evaluation and Specialty Ski Boot Assessment,
  correct alignment and canting of ski boots
• Warm up exercises and stretching on slope
• Skiing, exercises and drills. Exaggerated exercises to improve positioning
  (Lower Body)
• Video Analysis
• Lunch Break


• Warm up exercises and stretching on slope
• Skiing, exercises and drills
• Upper Body
• Video, Après Ski and Review

Where are Ski Adventure Programs offered?

Lake Louise, Big White, Blue Mountain,
Mount Washington, Mammoth, Vail, Aspen

Hakuba - Nagano, Happone - Nagano, Hokkaido

Las Leñas

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